Asylum Belgian Tripel Ale


Asylum is in the style of a Belgian Tripel. It has a beautiful golden color. Its relatively light body is deceiving for a beer of its character. It has a sweet and spicy, complex fruity aroma and flavor derived from our distinct Belgian yeast strain. Asylum finishes with a subtle, warming character to help you relax on any night. Asylum is an exceptionally smooth Belgian-style brew. Drinking great beer brings the world together. “Vrede op aarde” (Peace on earth).








Gold Medal Winner at the 2013 LA County Fair
Silver Medal Winner at the 2009 LA County Fair
Silver Medal Winner at the 2012 LA County Fair International Beer Competition

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  1. Steven W

    Just tried your Asylum and I find it exceptional. I think it is better than Chimay. I hope I will be able to find it whenever I want it.

  2. Michael

    Used to drink this beer alot when I lived in Oceanside. Now live in North-Central Texas and can’t find it!

  3. Stan Cohen

    Best beer ever!! Just way too hard to find. Live in Henderson and vacation in Encino. Near impossible to find in either place. Need help from Left Bank.

  4. Predrag Visekruna

    If you live in Henderson just head on to Whole Foods Market at District,thats where I get mine.

  5. Scott Stark

    Outstanding! I’d not heard of left coast brewery before I saw this Belgian on the shelf. I’ve not tasted a better tripel ale. Love it.

  6. Angle

    Asylum and I had a smashing good time and now you don’t sell it at Spourts farm to market and I am going to Ralphs for Voodoo $6.99 to $9.99 a six-pack. I can get Asylum at Bevmo but they do not keep it stocked nor in the refrigerator. HELP me locate Asylum within 4 miles of my place, I live in sunny Dana Point. keep that Asylum in my refrigerator.

    1. leftcoast

      Hi Angle,

      I would recommend coming down to our Tasting Room in San Clemente and getting it fresh. We sell six packs and 22oz bottles. We are actually canning it in 16oz cans for the first time in a few weeks.

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