Hop Juice Triple IPA


This hop monster uses Premium American 2– Row and a touch of light crystal malt to create a solid malt foundation. Five different Hop Varieties are used in the Hop Juice. Now dry hopped with Mosaic for great aroma. Starts out sweet and finishes with the crisp bitterness of a Triple IPA.






Cascade, Columbus, and Mt. Hood
Dry Hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe, and Columbus


Gold Medal 2015 Las Vegas International Beer Competition

Bronze Medal 2006 Great American Beer Festival

Bronze Medal 2013 LA County Fair

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  1. Michael

    Hop Juice is my favorite beer – I just LOVE IT!
    You guys are doing wonderful work – kudos to your Brewmaster.

    1. leftcoast

      Hi Pattie,

      We no longer distribute our beer in Texas. We are in the process of finding a new distributor. Hopefully in 2016. I apologize for your inconvenience.

    1. leftcoast

      Hi Chris,

      Unfortunately we no longer send our beer to the Pacific Northwest. We haven’t for a few years now. We are looking for a distributor to reenter the market. If you know of a good one, please let me know. Thanks for reaching out.

  2. William S Payton

    I have had this beer on 4 or 5 occasions and always enjoy it. I will say that I don’t recall that it is bottle-conditioned, until now! Each bottle is loaded with trub. Don’t get me wrong, all of the great hop and malt flavors are still there, but just don’t remember the hazy(ughhhh, I hate that term(hazy)(way overrated term used by TOO many other breweries on their beers)) I should just stick with my initial term, bottle-conditioning, but every brewery has to copy everybody else with “Hazy” in this case. haha! No one is original anymore, except Left Coast, Port, and Lagunitas. Great job Left Coast. let me know if I am correct that your Hop Juice is actually Bottle-Conditioned. Otherwise, perhaps, I got the tail end of the racking.

    1. leftcoast

      Hi William. You are correct that it isn’t supposed to be Hazy. We do not bottle condition any of our beers. They are all force carbonated with C02. It can on occasion be hazier than normal depending on how well the filter went. In this case it could have been the filter or maybe the end of the tank. Either way as long as the aroma and flavor are there then you should be fine. Thanks for the support.

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